About Us

For close to 40 years spanning 3 Generations Index Fasteners Inc has been a leader in the Wholesale Fastener Industry touching virtually every major market in one aspect or another.  A core part of our business over the years has been focused in the Law Enforcement, Military and Emergency Related Sectors. We have been helping provide Manufacturers and Tier 1 Sub-Contractors quality components which are used in many end use products by America’s Military, Law Enforcement and First Responders who need to rely on superb quality and never second guess their equipment. Many of our U.S. Made products are manufactured to stringent U.S. Mil-Spec standards in addition to International standards such as Berry Amendment Compliance. Full Traceability, Manufacturers Certifications and Certificates of Conformance are also available. 

As a result of the Thermoplastics explosion in the Law Enforcement/Military and Private/Civilian Markets over the last few years IFI was approached by our customer base to fill some voids where the limited Supplier Industry for this particular product was lacking. Thermoplastics such as Kydex® have become a staple in the Holster and related gear world virtually taking over the more traditional Leather Holster on the Public Ranges, the Streets and even in Distant Battlefields Abroad. With a low barrier-to-entry start-up cost, a much simpler manufacturing process and recent popularity in the Shooting Industries a new Do-It-Yourselfer market was essentially born overnight. Our customers were purchasing fasteners from IFI and Thermoplastics from various other venders and were simply wanting to consolidate their purchasing with one all inclusive vender….we took the challenge head on. Many of us at IFI being shooters both recreationally and professionally were very familiar with Thermoplastic’s both on and off the range, some of us carrying the product every day. We spoke with our customers while taking a very close look at what was being offered in the Industry and very quickly noticed many areas we thought we could improve on. Fast forward and IFI has become a major source for Thermoformers both large and small Worldwide and we’re digging every minute of it. The customer base is unlike any we’ve dealt with in the past and we feel right at home with this crowd.

IFI’s mission is simple: Unmatched Quality Products and Innovation, Unbeatable Customer Service along with a Competitive Pricing Structure. If we’re able to allow the customer to keep their focus on making gear rather than their supplier, we’ve accomplished our goal.
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to serve your needs.
 “Go Make Something Today”!
Shane Bearly
CEO-Index Fasteners Inc.