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Kydex T .080 MultiCam® 1'x2' P1

Kydex T .080 MultiCam® 1'x2' P1


Kydex ® .080" Thickness, P1-Haircell, MultiCam®, 1'x2' Sheet

Our Camo Pattern and Custom Logo Kydex 1’x2’ sheets are pre-shrunk to avoid image distortion. This results in sheets that measure up to 2” less in length and or width.

*This product is licensed and authorized for sale by MultiCam®.

*For Larger Volume Price Breaks Please Contact Our Sales Dept.

Note: IFI Does Not Sell Holsters, We Supply The Raw Materials Needed In The Thermoforming And Manufacturing Process. If You’re Looking For Kydex™ Related Gear Check Out One Of The Advertising Vendors In Our Forum Section.