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.080 Safety Orange Textured 1'x2' CF

.080 Safety Orange Textured 1'x2' CF

.080" Thickness, Carbon Fiber Safety Orange Textured 1'x2' Sheet

“The backside (“B” side) of this material is consistent with the backside that is found in the Boltaron 4335-2829. Please note, this backside is textured and DOES NOT contain the glossy, smooth finish that is used in the rest of our carbon fiber material.”

*For Larger Volume Price Breaks Please Contact Our Sales Dept.

Note: Our 1’x2’ Boltaron sheets are cut from 4’x8’sheets. Due to cut loss, the actual length is .095”-.310” less.

Note: IFI Does Not Sell Holsters, We Supply The Raw Materials Needed In The Thermoforming And Manufacturing Process. If Your Looking For Boltaron™ Related Gear Check Out One Of The Advertising Vendors In Our Forum Section.

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