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.100 Dual Tiffany/Black 1’x2’ P1

.100 Dual Tiffany/Black 1’x2’ P1

Kydex T® .100" Thickness, P1-Haircell, .060 Tiffany / .040 Black Substrate, 1'x2' Sheet

*Notes and Recommendations:
Due to the wide range of Thermo manufacturing we can only make recommendations based on our test market feedback during the R&D process. This material may not be for the novice Kydex® Thermoformer, if you are new to the forming process we suggest you dial in your process with less expensive and sensitive material first and then move to a product such as this which may be less forgiving.

-All molds, forms and tools used in the forming process must also be pre-heated before forming to prevent premature cooling of the Kydex T® before forming.
-The pre-heating includes forms in membrane and membrane-less vacuum formers.
-Failure to do so may cause separation of the product or lack of definition in the final form.
-Material can be separated manually when heated, doing so voids any manufacturing warranty and liability for product defects.